• Autumn and Allergy

    As the leaves start to fall and the lingering warm air cools, we’ve gathered some useful information to help you breeze through the shifting season, with tips on school allergens, Easter ideas, and what we’re coining ‘the Autumn clean’.

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  • Thunderstorms and Allergy

    Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent storms are another important reminder that if you have asthma it is important to keep it well controlled.

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Autumn brings positive change—Shop allergy essentials

From the #UnravellingAllergy blog

Food Allergy Week

Food Allergy Week aims to raise awareness of food allergy including potentially fatal food allergies. We’ll be sharing some positive and useful ways for spreading the word in your community.

The Autumn Clean

An “Autumn clean” is a great way to prepare your surroundings for the transition into Winter. Make sure your home and office spaces are in order and easier to clean before dust, dander and mould can become more of an issue particularly as the days get cooler, winter skin becomes drier, and more time is being spent indoors.

Balloons at Adele concert cause anaphylaxis for fan with latex allergy

For a record-breaking 600,000 Australians the #Adele concert was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sadly for one Perth fan, the seemingly harmless, falling balloons caused a severe anaphylactic reaction.

Prof Pete Smith

One of Australia’s most accomplished and respected allergists and immunologists.

Developed and supervised by Prof Pete Smith—one of Australia’s leading allergists and immunologists—Allergy Medical provides the most advanced and comprehensive allergy care available today. Our service has evolved from testing and diagnosis to complete allergy care and personalised support—including immunotherapy, eczema management and dietetics.

Complete allergy care

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Thunderstorms and allergy

Allergy Medical

The first clinic of its kind in Australia, Allergy Medical was established in 2011 to provide timely solutions to allergy problems.

Since that time, we’ve helped more than 24 000 people—diagnosing their allergy, stabilising their condition, and giving them the knowledge and support they need to manage their health.

Developed and supervised by Professor Pete Smith—one of Australia’s leading allergists and immunologists—Allergy Medical provides the most advanced and comprehensive allergy care available today.

As a dedicated allergy clinic, Allergy Medical comprises general practitioners, nurses and dietitians. Our medical team is specially trained and our clinic is specially equipped in allergy diagnosis and treatment.

Allergy Medical provides a comprehensive solution to your allergy problems, in one convenient location. You don’t need a referral and you won’t have to wait weeks or months to see one of our doctors.

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